Welcome to Blackboard Learn

A Learning Management System (LMS)

Used by: Instructors, Staff, Students
Availability: 24 Hours – 7 Days/Week
Support: Monday – Friday, 9:00 – 17:00

Blackboard is ACG’s web-based Learning Management System. It’s been developed so as to present its users an engaging learning environment. Thus, it offers the right set of tools for material delivery and enhanced communication for knowledge extensiveness.

Blackboard aids faculty and student cooperation and active participation in course material at all times. Different kind of files such as documents, audio and video can be included into a course and assist knowledge sharing.


  • Accessibility: Available 24 Days and 7 Days per week via Internet.
  • Clarity: Course material can be easily and clearly created to assist teaching and learning.
  • Assessment: Offers effective tools for assessment and evaluation.
  • Sustainability: Aids printing management.

Various Tools

Various Tools Description
Grade-book/Evaluation Grades and evaluation.
Group Project Groups formulation and user collaboration.
Email/Announcements Send group e-mails and post announcements.
Communication Users are able to discuss in forums/blogs & participate in wikis.
Surveys Survey creation.
File Submission Submit files and assignments online.
E-Books Get e-books by Vital Source.