For those who would like to purse a career in the management of information systems, DEREE-ACG has launched the new Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems, offered by the School of Business, which began this fall to an enthusiastic reception.

“The MIS bridges business and information technology, developing professionals who can solve business problems by applying technology and information systems,” says professor Manos Varouhas, Department Head of Computer Information Systems at the School of Business, who leads the program.

In addition to developing students’ knowledge and skills in thinking strategically about technology, the MIS program aims at developing professionals ready and able to deploy Information Systems in order to create value in an organization, meeting the demands of an ever-evolving world.

“Students are automatically enrolled in both the US and the Open University programs. Upon graduation, they are conferred two Bachelor’s degrees: the NEASC-accredited DEREE degree and the Open University UK degree,” says Varouhas, adding, “MIS students can also benefit from two core added values, with the very important cooperations that we have established for them. One is The Hellenic Professionals Informatics Society (HePIS), the network that connects all the ICT Professionals in Greece, where MIS students have free membership until they graduate, and it exposes them to the ICT industry and professionals, multiplying their networking opportunities.”

The other is a Memorandum of Understanding with SAP – the world leader in enterprise software. “Now DEREE is a member of the SAP University Alliances program. We have included SAP solutions in select courses and as a result students benefit with the knowledge of using enterprise information systems – a skill that really adds value to their skill set.”

MIS also aims at synergies with other academic departments at all three Schools,” says Varouhas. “It would be beneficial for MIS students to get a minor in IT, for example,” he says, “as these two fields complement each other.” Furthermore, MIS may be well combined with almost all programs in the School of Business.

Professors in this program provide a rich academic environment and at the same time their teaching and research are connected to the corporate world and to the practice of information systems. Additionally, the close rapport between students and professors is often cited as a highly valued aspect of a student’s experience in CIS programs.

Students can expect a balanced curriculum that equips students with the required skillset to solve business problems by applying information technologies strategically and to manage ICT resources in multiple contexts, alongside practical training and networking opportunities. It is worth mentioning that the last course in the MIS program is an internship with any of a number of leading local or multinational firms collaborating with DEREE.

The MIS program prepares students to become professionals in business and systems analysts, IS security, IS risk management, IT/IS asset managers, e-business managers, IS consultants, IT project managers, IS account professionals, among others. It also prepares students for graduate studies in Greece or abroad.

If any alumni are interested in expanding their knowledge and skills through this program, please contact Prof. Manos Varouhas at the Department of CIS at [email protected].

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