Sophia Bou Habib

My name is Sophia Bou Habib and I am a second year communications student at The American College of Greece. I am Greek-Lebanese and I have two pet dogs, which I love a lot. I like blogging, taking my dogs for walks, listening to music and spending quality time with my family and friends. I chose to be an ACG peer, because I get to socialize with people from different cultures, gain special memories and experiences and finally form bonds that many don’t have the chance to live


Serafeim Papakostas

Serafeim Papakostas is 19 years old and is currently majoring in psychology , along with a biology minor, in Deree – The American College of Greece. Serafeim obtained his proficiency degree in English in the age of 15 years old. Serafeim spends most of his personal time watching movies, spending time with friends and has attended several seminars regarding psychology. Serafeim likes to exercise and has been practicing Muay Thai for the past 2 years, in which he has obtained the 4th khan so far and will be contested to gain the 5th one as well during the next month. Serafeim is interested in becoming an acg peer in order to promote a welcoming spirit and contribute in a very nice cause. In addition to that, Serafeim will be studying abroad in Jacksonville, FL next semester and believes that he cannot expect having a good time and nice people , unless he contributes in another’s good time.


Anna Maria Tavanli

My name is Anna Maria Tavanli and I couldn’t be more happy that I’m participating in this particular program. I love to dance,sing and basically whatever has to do with performing on stage. The fact that I’m Greek American makes me even more excited about the Heritage Program because I’ll have the opportunity to interact with new people from my country.


Ioannis-Evangelos Daktylidis

Hello! My name is Ioannis-Evangelos Daktylidis. I am studying Communication at DEREE-The American College of Greece. Also, I would like to do a minor in Modern Languages. When I can find free time for myself I like to spend time with my family and friends, go for shopping, and travel abroad. Moreover, I enjoy to write short stories. Finally, the reason why I applied to become an ACG peer is because it will give me the opportunity to meet new people.


Aimilia Mamopoulou

My name is Aimilia Mamopoulou and I am 19 years old. My major is Communication and I would like to work on the field of Public Relations. I love art and especially music and I would like to travel everywhere around the world. The reason I wanted to participate in this program is because I believe that this is a great opportunity to evolve and develop myself and meet different people and cultures that I would not have easily the chance to do. Of course, I am glad that I will be a part of a team and in a position to help and contribute in order these people to gain the best experience here in Greece and to feel like they are a part of it.


Maria-Veatriki Lykouri

Hi! My name is Maria-Veatriki Lykouri and I am 18 years old and am currently studying communication at DEREE College with a minor in Modern Languages. At DEREE, I am involved in the Debate club, Orientation Leaders, Buddy system and Better Days for Strays Club. I grew up on a little island called Mykonos. My mother is originally from Chicago, Illinois and my father is from Mykonos. My older brother, Dimitris, is 21 and we are very close. He is in Seoul, Korea for this summer and I will miss him. My hobbies are ballet, Greek dancing, playing the piano and singing. Since I also love photography and film editing, it is my desire that my future career encompasses these two areas as well. I am a big animal lover too! In Mykonos and in Athens I help out at the Animal welfare organization and someday (when I have more free time) I am looking forward to adopting a stray dog. I have traveled extensively with my family to places like: Germany, Chicago, Florida and many US cities, the Caribbean, Thailand, Iceland, Egypt and London to name a few.


Kelly Tassiou

My name is Kelly Tassiou, and I am a Communications student in Deree. My long-term ambition is to become a journalist specializing in politics. I love to travel, but I haven’t been across the Atlantic just yet, though I am planning to do so very soon. I love to read, a bit too much according to my friends. Right now I have a mild obsession with crime fiction. I also have a more than mild obsession with Game of Thrones, though no one can blame me for that.


Alexandros Goulakos

Hi! I am Alexandros, I love music, sports and food. I am 19 years old and studying Business Administration. I would like to think of myself as a friendly, easy going person with a sense of humor. I am truly excited to be a part of this program and looking forward to meeting you guys.


Dimitris Gkelis

Greetings! My Name is Dimitris Gkelis and I am a freshman in The American College of Greece. I really enjoy hanging out with friends and playing video games, board games, field games, any kind of game in general. I also like reading, not studying though, listening to music and playing the piano. Lastly, I am a proud volunteer for Positive Voice, the Greek HIV+ society, and I always find it interesting keeping up to date about human rights issues in Greece and worldwide.

I think that the Heritage Greece program is excellent in every way and I am way more than happy to be a part of it and have the opportunity to present my culture to other people. Apart from that it will me an amazing experience, we will be visiting numerous places I have never been before and we’re going to have a great deal of fun!


Anna Alexia Kotsakis

My name is Anna Alexia Kotsakis but most people call me Alexia or Alex. I major in English and American Literature and I want to become a lawyer. I am slightly obsessed with animals especially dogs and I own the cutest border collie in the world; Riley. I also read many books and I don’t really limit myself with genres. Meaning that anything that looks like a book and speaks like a book I will read it.


Vasilis Michailidis

My name is Vasilis Michailidis and I am currently studying psychology at Deree with the prospect to follow neuropsychology and get involved in with research communities in the future. I have already a degree in Graphic Design and work as a freelance designer. As a person I am optimistic by nature and have positive attitude embracing change. I spend most of my free time in tennis courts, listening to good music and playing the guitar. I enjoy thoughtful discussions and I am always willing to listen, learn and be helpful to others.

My participation in the Heritage Greece program is a great opportunity as I feel I can benefit a great deal from coming into contact with people living in the USA, particularly as it is my aim to continue my studies there next summer. One would claim that our history forms our character, however, it is not our history per se that forms us, but the way it is perceived. Rediscovering the history of my country and culture, through the lens of students with Greek roots living in America, is the best way to share new things, and eventually develop long term friendships with interesting and different people.


Ani Der Garabedian

My name is Ani Der Garabedian and I am 19 years old. I am studying at the American College of Greece and my major is International Tourism and Hospitality Management. I love boxing and swimming. Also I am a member at the Armenian Scouts of Greece. I also love hanging out with friends and traveling at different destinations. Finally, there are a number of reasons why I want to become an ACG peer. Through this acquaintance, I will be able to learn and become more familiar with important aspects of the American culture. Learning different interesting points by American college students can be really helpful for me as I am planning to study in the University of Northern Arizona next semester. The final and most important reason that I would like to be an ACG peer is because of my major. Being a Hospitality and Tourism Management, which is all about providing tourism and hospitality services to people from abroad, I believe that will both help me in communicating in the best way with my peers, and understand in a more practical way what my major is all about.


Christos Lamnidis

I am Christos, preferably called Chris, and I have been studying in Deree College for two years. My major degree focuses on Finance, but education does not stop there for me; I am also enrolled in the IHP (International Honors Program) both as a student and as member of the government body while I am also seeking to complete one minor in economics and another one in philosophy. Apart from studying and getting good grades, there are other things that I do in my spare time. One of my favorite hobbies includes reading books, mostly the classics for the time being. Despite the heavy workload, I manage to read one to two books per month, which is something that gives me a great satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment. My favorite author so far is Fyodor Dostoyevsky whose books I find inspiring, such as Crime and Punishment, Brothers Karamazov, Demons.

Becoming an ACG Peer is an opportunity for me to exchange ideas and perceptions with people from completely different backgrounds than mine while being able to compare the differences that exist between the American culture and the Greek one. This is an important matter to me since I plan to study in the States for my masters degree. Additionally, through the Heritage Program, I will be able to discover some aspects of Greece which I haven’t, since I have not travelled that much inside Greece, while having the opportunity to visit places which I haven’t for a long time such as Nafplion and the Acropolis Museum.


Effie Skouroliakou

My name is Effie Skouroliakou and I am a 22 year-old student, majoring in Psychology at Deree – The American College of Greece. During my free time I like playing rugby, drawing, and listening to music.

As a history lover, passionate about travelling and meeting new people and other cultures, I believe that through the Heritage Greece program we get the opportunity to promote all the good things our country is known for. Becoming an ACG peer seemed like the best way to do all that by participating in many cultivating and fun activities along with socializing with people from the US.


Giota Dimitriou

My name is Giota Dimitriou and I am an Art History Major at Deree. I am a music enthusiast, a bookworm and a movie buff. I have traveled extensively, have met wonderful people and learnt new things. As a volunteer, I have taken part in many “arty-cultural” events, which have been educational and a lot of fun. I am fascinated by history and culture as well as making new friends, which is why I decided to take part in this year’s Heritage Greece Program.


Panos Antonatos

My name is Panos Antonatos, I am 20 years old and I major information technology. I like outdoor activities and whenever possible I try to engage in any kind of team sport. Moreover, I like drawing especially anime or manga, as I really admire the Japanese artwork. All in all I like to experience fascinating things and at the same time I enjoy a moment of relaxation and a peaceful evening.


Nikos Dimisianos

My name is Nikos. I am 27. I am a 2nd year student in Management information Systems. I play the guitar and I also love sailing and scuba-diving. Finally, I strongly believe that a smile is the key to everything, so I really appreciate being around positive people, and people with a good sense of humor.


George Gkoumas

Hello everyone. My name is George Gkoumas. I am an IT (Infromation Technology) major student. I might enjoy computers but I am really bad at competitive computer games, but I still enjoy solo games or co-op games on consoles like the Xbox 360.

On my spare time I like exercising, walking around and taking photos of nature or destroyed-abandoned buildings, reading any sort of book I may find, hiking, listening and experimenting with all kind of music, building and assembling radio controlled nitro and electric models as well as designing or reading about DIY projects that might interest me.