Congratulations are in order for George Chatzitheodosiou who won the second prize for his presentation at the 5th AFCEA (Association for Communications, Electronics, Intelligence and Information Systems Professionals) Europe Student Conference, hosted on May 27-29 in Warsaw, Poland.

“Education has always been a matter of combining critical thinking with a solid set of personal principles and well-rounded mentorship. DEREE – The American College of Greece has been a pioneer in providing myself and other students those elements that can bring a human being to the point of success: leadership skills, technical and business capacity and above all ‘ethos,'” Chatzitheodosiou said after winning, thanking his mentor and former DEREE CIS Professor Manos Varouhas, (DEREE ‘91), Executive Director at ACG’s Alumni & Parent Relations, who accompanied students to the event.

The AFCEA Student Conference & 10th SECON (International Electronic and Telecommunications Conference of Students and Young Scientists) were held within the wider TechNet Europe conference, and provided young students from several European countries the opportunity to present and discuss short papers on subjects related to the conference theme “Information Society – Need for powerful Telecommunication Systems.”

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