Phillips Exeter Academy Summer School has established five scholarships for PIERCE students to study at the renowned school, made possible by the generous support of Mr. Spiros Boua (co-founder of LitePoint and an Exeter alumnus).

Beginning this year, up to five PIERCE students will have the opportunity to study at the noted US institution for five weeks, alongside close to 800 students from 45 countries, who will explore new horizons at the Phillips Exeter Academy Summer School, and experience the innovative teaching method “Harkness,” based on Socrates’ dialectic method. Through this teaching method, students will be able to boost their critical thinking in an unparalleled way.

PIERCE, the only school in Greece, with authorization to bestow upon its students awards from Harvard University & Smith College through programs similar to Exeter’s, is once again carving new paths and equipping its students with life skills.

For more information, contact Mary Petropoulou on +30 210 6009 800, ext. 1138. For the application documents to attend Phillips Exeter Academy Summer School, go to