Congratulations to the creators of E-GEIOKRATIS, the PIERCE student company that won the Innovative Product Junior Achievement Award this year.

The students’ virtual company was made up of a website and software for a Medical Elecronic Record – EMR which can be stored on a USB stick.

‘The product’s ultimate goal was to create a culture of prevention and education in health services as opposed to simply dealing with the symptoms of patients, a goal which has obvious social benefits for the population and in the long term adds financial advantages for the public health sector of the country,’ the award committee noted in its decision.

Trade Fairs 2014 in Athens and Thessaloniki were organized by Junior Achievement Greece with 51 student businesses from both junior and senior schools as well as professional high schools from around Greece, which competed for the awards.

Junior Achievement Greece is a non-profit organization founded in 2005, part of the global educational and entrepreneurial organization Junior Achievement Worldwide – hailed as the best in its industry by the European Union with 10 million students from 122 countries making use of its educational and entrepreneurial programs.

Junior Achievement Greece is supported by dozens of member companies, foundations and individuals, including ACG alumna Maria Laina (DEREE ’94), who studied English at DEREE and is General Manager, Organizing Team Junior Achievement Greece, while ACG Board Trustee Ulysses Kyriacopoulos, Chairman of S&B, is also a member of Junior Achievement Greece.

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