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Paolo Mefalopulos (DEREE ’84) has been appointed UNICEF Representative in Uruguay. Previously, he was Chief of Communication for the Development program at UNICEF in India. His professional experience covers a wide range of communication areas related to social and behavioral change, as well as education, and includes work with a number of NGOs and international agencies, such as UNESCO, the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations), the European Union, CISP (International Committee for the Development of Peoples), and the World Bank.

During his work for FAO, Dr. Mefalopulos was part of a team that developed an innovative methodology known as PRCA – Participatory Rural Communication Appraisal, while he has authored a number of articles and books on communication for development. Among his most recent publications are Development Communication Sourcebook: broadening the boundaries of communication and Participatory Communication: a practical guide.

Mr Mefalopulos earned his BA in Sociology from DEREE in 1984, followed by his MA in Mass Communications from Michigan State University in 1985. He has also taught at the University of Texas at Austin, where he obtained his PhD in International Communication in 2003.


Marina Stavridi (PIERCE ‘90/DEREE ’98) has become Chief of ICT Service & Support at OSCE in Austria, after working as Senior Support Manager of IT at Velti in Athens. She has also worked as a Support Officer at Mednet International, as a Service Desk Coordinator at INTRASOFT International, an Administration officer at CHEP and as Executive Secretary at the Institute of Preventive Medicine, Environmental and Occupational Health (PROLEPSIS Institute) in Athens.

Ms Stavridi studied at PIERCE, graduating in 1990. She also earned her BSc in Information Systems from DEREE in 1998, followed by her MSc in Information Systems from the University of Portsmouth in 2000.


Evangelos Angelides (DEREE ‘92) is now Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at PROFILE Software in Greece, after working as CFO at Velti Centre for Innovation, as VP of Corporate Development & CFO at Velti, as CFO of Hellas Online and as Finance Director at Intracom Telecom.

Mr Angelides, a certified accountant, studied economics at DEREE, graduating in 1992, before earning his MSc in Money, Banking & Finance from the University of Birmingham in 1993. He also studied at the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School.


Alexandros Constantis (DEREE ‘93, ‘05) has gone from Sales Director to Commercial Director at Revoil Greece. Previously, Mr Constantis worked as Customer Marketing Director and Trade Marketing Manager at Mythos Brewery, and has also held posts at Allied Domecq, Seagram, and Nielsen among others.

Mr Constantis earned his BA in Marketing Management from DEREE in 1993, followed by his MBA in 2005.


Zeta Tsatsani (DEREE ’93) has become Senior Consultant of Global Services at Ericsson in the UK, having previously worked as Principal Strategy Consultant – and Solution Strategist for Western Europe – at Huawei in the UK. She has also worked as a Director in Business Planning/Consulting for Fastrack, as Channel Manager for Cisco Systems in Greece, Cyprus and Malta, and as Head of Broadband at the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization among other jobs.

Ms Tsatsani gained her BS in Marketing from DEREE in 1993, followed by her MBA from San Francisco State University in 1994.



Zabia Mantzouratou (DEREE ’93, ALBA ‘03) is now a senior consultant in marketing for Kydon Hotel SA in Chania, Crete, and also consults in industrial marketing among other projects.

Ms Mantzouratou, a marketing professional, has previously worked as Marketing Director at Mechatron SA for three years, as a Marketing Consultant at Elounda SA, as General Manager at MTV in Greece, as Marketing Director at Le Spot Productions – member of the Ashley Worldgroup – and as Marketing Manager at ILIOS SA – alongside other posts. Ms Mantzouratou has also won several Ermis Awards for her team campaigns.

She earned her BA in Marketing Management from DEREE in 1993, as well as her MBA from ALBA in 2003. She also earned a Master’s degree in Sports Marketing & Communication from the University of Venice in 2007.


Ioannis Mantas (DEREE ‘96) has become Workout Officer in the Wholesale Banking Credit Workout Division at Alpha Bank in Athens, after previously working as Relationships Manager at Alpha Bank in his hometown of Patras for over six years. Mr Mantas has also worked as Branch Banking Officer and Investment Consultant at Citibank, and as an Investment Consultant at Laiki Bank Hellas SA, among other positions.

Mr Mantas studied Business at DEREE, graduating with a BSc in Business Administration in 1996, and also studied Banking Administration at the Ethnikon & Kapodistriako University of Athens in 2004-2005.


Fotis Tsonis (DEREE ’98) is now working at the Risk Management Department at the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund (HFSF) where he monitors Greek banking system developments, reviews and assess banks’ restructuring plans, participates in field reviews conducted by the Bank of Greece at credit institutions, and conducts risk profiles, among other duties.

Mr Tsonis was previously Assistant Manager at the Group Risk Coordination Department of Piraeus Bank as well as Head Credit Control at Marfin Egnatia Bank’s Risk Management Division. He has also worked as a Senior Auditor at Egnatia Bank and as a Financial Analyst & Internal Auditor at Dias Investment Fund as well as on very demanding projects such as Pimco Asset Quality Review and the Black Rock Asset Quality Review, among others.

Fotis Tsonis earned his Bachelor’s in Accounting & Finance in 1998 from DEREE, followed by his Master’s in Finance from Lancaster University in 2000, and his MBA from the University of Leicester in 2003.


Anna Tzioti (DEREE ’99) has taken on as Senior PR Manager at Fujitsu’s Corporate Communications, Global Marketing after previously working for Fujitsu as Marketing Alliance Leader for Emerging Markets and Marketing & Communications Manager for Greece, Cyprus & Israel.

Ms Tzioti has also worked for Ericsson Hellas as Communications Manager for Greece, Cyprus, Albania and Malta, and in a number of posts for the same company, where she won a number of awards for her work.

Ms Tzioti studied Marketing – Management at DEREE, earning her Bachelor’s degree in 1999, followed by her Master’s degree in Arts, Media & Communications from the University of Indianapolis.


Antonios Dendrinos (JUNIOR ‘02/DEREE ’07, ‘10) is now Financial/IT Director at Surplus Redovisning AB in Stockholm, Sweden and has also worked on the deployment of Spotify in the Greek market as a Localization Tester for Spotify AB, Stockholm. He has also been employed as a Server Administrator for Siemens SA in Greece and as Account Manager for Vellis Estate, Festivities Estate.

Mr Dendrinos has an extended ACG history, with degrees from JUNIOR (’02), a joint Bachelor’s degree in Management (with a focus on Shipping) and in Computer Information Systems from DEREE in 2007, as well as an MBA from DEREE in 2010.


Nikos Gkizelis (JUNIOR ‘04/DEREE ’07) is now Digital Project Manager at Publicis Hellas S.A, while still maintaining his role as editor in-chief at  – a blog which he cofounded. Previously, Mr Gkizelis worked at Can-On Digital as Social Media Director, as Project Manager at Atcom Internet & Multimedia SA, and as Senior Communicator for Motorola EMEA Account In Edinburgh.

Mr Gkizelis went to JUNIOR (’04), earned his BSc in Computer Information Systems from DEREE in 2005 and gained his MSc in Distributed & Multimedia Information Systems, Computer Science from Heriot-Watt University in 2008.


Ariola Mbistrova (DEREE ’06) is now Projects Officer at the Council of Europe, having previously worked as a Financial Manager for EU – IPA Funds at the Ministry of Finance of Albania and as Public Investments Management Officer for the same ministry prior to that. She has also worked as a Credit Officer at Banka Kombetare Tregtare in Tirana.

Ms Mbistrova got her BSc In Business Administration – with a Double Major in Accounting & Finance as well as in International Business and European Affairs from DEREE in 2006, followed by her MBA from London Metropolitan University in 2008.


Sherif El Kasaby (DEREE ’13) has become a Pre-Seller at Dubai Refreshment P.J.S.C. – Pepsi Cola Bottler in the United Arab Emirates. He previously interned with Vodafone and Mercedes Benz and also worked for a family import, export and trading company.

He graduated from DEREE in 2013 with a BS in International Business & European Affairs.