We would like to note the election of DEREE alumnus Mr George Sofronis (DEREE ‘03, Major Economics) as Mayor of the Municipality of Saronikos in May 2014.

Mr Sofronis is one of the youngest mayors in Greece with vast experience in regional administration and governance and has served as Vice Mayor and Deputy Mayor with responsibilities in municipality finances and civic protection. As an influential member of the Municipality of Saronikos, he has significantly contributed to the European programs of NARPIMED (Natural Risk Prevention in Mediterranean Countries) and INCA (Prevention of Hazards and elimination of loss with the incorporation of fundamental or not measures and acts). He has also been invited as a speaker for European Programs (Reg.Mollise IT – Catania IT- Granada S) and has been the organizer of the European meeting-exercises of evacuation for the building of the Municipality – coordinating participations from Italy, Spain, Algeria, Turkey and Greece.

Mr. Sofronis lives in Saronikos and is married with two children.

We wish him all the best in his new endeavor!