DEREE & ALBA welcomed guests to their booth at POSIDONIA 2014, the global shipping event that takes place every two years in June, bringing the captains of industry together under one big umbrella.

This year, visitors also had the opportunity to attend ALBA’s seminar “Maritime education, truth or dare for young professionals. An open discussion with industry experts.” The seminar was well attended and those who participated can take advantage of scholarships offered by the International Propeller Club of the United States – Port of Piraeus for Postgraduate Shipping Programs at the ALBA Graduate Business School.

The Propeller Club is offering two partial scholarships (50% of tuition fees) for the MBA in Shipping and the MSc in Shipping Management programs for the academic year 2014-2015. (The total cost for the ALBA MBA in Shipping Program is €19,750, while the MSc in Shipping Management is €12,500).

Deadline for applications is July 28, and will be reviewed by ALBA and the Propeller Club. The names of the scholarship recipients will be announced within the first week of August.

Applications can be submitted online.