Alexis Kostalas is a distinguished Greek cultural narrator, presenter and commentator. In addition to cultural programs (music – dance – arts) he has also been a commentator on figure skating and other major sports events. He studied Economics, Literature and Linguistics in United States. He has been the commentator and presenter in major cultural or sports events from the international 24-hour Bach (year 2000) and 24-hour Mozart international Celebration (year 2006), to the Vienna Philharmonic New Year’s Concert, the winter Olympic Games opening and closing Ceremonies, the Millennium celebrations to the opening and closing Ceremonies of the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. Having served as a Board Member of the Hellenic National Opera, the Kalamata International Dance Festival (as a representative of the Ministry of Culture), the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) Music and Dance Specialists Committee and as an Advisory Board member of the Athens Festival he strives to pass on his zeal for Art and Culture to the next generation.

“I became the person I am thanks to the education I received through scholarships…supporting talented and deserving students is not just philanthropy, it is a duty and an investment in future accomplishments…”