In this holiday season, I would like to express our gratitude for your ongoing interest and support of ACG. Greece’s economic crisis persists, putting families and students under enormous strain. ACG has responded, assisting more students each year to access a quality, US-modeled education.
In 2013-14, ACG awarded aid to 35% of our students in the three educational divisions: PIERCE, DEREE, ALBA Graduate Business School.
In 2014-15, $7 million will be awarded to 2,100 students – by far the largest philanthropic commitment of its kind in Greece. This investment in Greece’s future is making a real difference:

• Students whose mother and/or father have lost their jobs can stay in school;

• Students combine academic pursuits with campus work-study assignments;

• High academic achieving students access transformative study abroad experiences;

• International internships expose students to global best practices;

• Greek public university students complement their studies in law, engineering, etc with US-based curricula in the liberal arts and business at ACG.

Increasing numbers of alumni, friends, corporations and foundations in Greece, the US and abroad are supporting this cause. I hope you will join them/us; 100% of every gift is used for the purpose designated.  Please visit our website to make a gift online.

ACG students join me in thanking you for your support and wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season.


David G. Horner, PhD


The American College of Greece

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