Earlier this year, Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration and The American College of Greece signed the first two of a series of agreements that will see the schools cooperate in educating future leaders in Greece’s growing tourism and hospitality industry.

Cornell, a member of the Ivy League, is a global leader in the field of hotel and hospitality management education, while DEREE’s International and Hospitality Management (ITHM) program seeks to become Greece’s premier undergraduate offering in this strategic field.

Cooperation between ACG and Cornell includes several initiatives:

• DEREE undergraduates studying at Cornell

• Cornell undergraduates studying at DEREE

• Integrating Cornell’s online curriculum into DEREE undergraduate and ALBA graduate curricula

• ACG faculty benefiting from professional education programs at Cornell

Combining the resources of Cornell and ACG is expected to open new avenues for research in tourism and hospitality in Greece and the Southeastern Mediterranean region.
Grace Hotels Scholarships at Cornell University
Following the announcement of the collaboration between DEREE – The American College of Greece and Cornell University School of Hospitality Administration (SHA) for the development of a Special Study Abroad Program, ACG announces the establishment of the Grace Hotels Scholarships at Cornell University.

The Grace Hotels Scholarships at Cornell University are funded by the Grace Foundation and cover part of the tuition for two (2) ACG International Tourism and Hospitality Management students who wish to attend Cornell’s SHA. Two such scholarships will be offered each academic year.

In addition, ACG grants scholarships towards Cornell SHA tuition costs.
Participation in the Program / Scholarship Application
Each academic semester, up to two (2) qualified students will be considered for enrollment. The Study Abroad Office is responsible for nominating the selected ACG students by SHA nomination deadlines.
Eligibility Criteria
• Students should hold a GPA of at least 3.25/4.00.

• Letter of recommendation by the ACG Study Abroad Office.

• Official enrollment in an ACG degree program, pursuing a course of study in hospitality management, or a related field. Only International Tourism and Hospitality Management students may apply for the Grace Hotels Scholarships.

• Successful completion of second-year coursework including courses in the following subjects: statistics, financial accounting, introduction to finance.

• Submission of a written statement of intent (in English).

• English language proficiency verification (TOEFL score of 100 iBT, IELTS score of 6 – date of exam results must be less than two years prior to the start of the semester for which the student is applying).

• Enroll in minimum of 12 credit hours per semester at SHA.

Application/Selection Process
• Submission of application and application materials to the Study Abroad Office.

Application requirements:

• Online Outbound Study Abroad application form

• Transcript

• CV and biographical note (max. 250 words)

• Confirmation of course transferability check

• One letter of recommendation from the School of Business.

• Assessment of whether ACG and SHA eligibility criteria are met by the Study Abroad Office.

• Interview by a committee composed of the Vice President of Administration, the Head of the International Tourism and Hospitality Management Department and a Study Abroad Office representative. The committee selects the student(s) who will be nominated in a given semester and the student(s) who will be granted a fund through the Grace Hotels Scholarships Program.

Selection criteria:

• Strong potential of professional excellence in the Tourism and Hospitality industry

• Academic achievement

• Demonstrable cross-cultural communication skills

• Student life participation

Further Information
Nomination deadline for Spring 16 admissions:
September 15, 2015
The American College of Greece nominates up to two (2) students/semester, that is, four (4)/academic year.

Application deadline for Spring 16 admissions:
October 1, 2015
Application materials are sent through the ACG Study Abroad Office.

Course offerings: 
Spring 2016 course offerings will be available by October 15, 2015.

Scholarships and funding:
Two (2) Grace Hotels Scholarships (covering approx. 50% of total costs)
ACG scholarship