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Patriarchy in Eclipse
by Dr. Patrick Quinn (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015)

Dr. Patrick Quinn, dean of the Liberal Arts Department at DEREE-The American College of Greece, was recently featured in Insider magazine for his new book Patriarchy in Eclipse. The book paints the portrait of a woman in power: the irresistible and mysterious femme fatale, but also the New Woman, two female roles emerging after the American Civil War, which challenged the patriarchy of the times.

Patrick J. Quinn, who is also Professor of English at DEREE-ACG, holds a PhD from the University of Warwick and has taught far and wide, at universities in Canada, Iraq, Germany, the United States, Turkey, Azerbaijan and the United Kingdom. Dr. Quinn has written and edited thirteen books during his career on the literature of the Great War, especially Robert Graves and Siegfried Sassoon, the 1930’s, postcolonial literature, as well as American studies. He was also the general editor of the 24- volume Robert Graves Program – Carcanet Press.


Sunflowers in the Rain
by Angelike Kehagia (Kypris Publications, 2015)

Angelike Kehagia, who teaches literature at PIERCE – The American College of Greece, published her new collection of short stories Sunflowers in the Rain in May in Greek.

The book features 19 short stories inspired by daily life and have a moral in each one.

Her pen conjures up emotions and feelings that only an eye sensitive to people and equipped with a rich imagination can portray.


HARDWIREDTaking the Road to Delphi and Uncovering Your Talents
by Thomas Tavantzis (2013)

Thomas Tavantzis (DEREE ’75, Bachelor’s degree in Psychology) discusses the steps to a successful career in his book HARDWIREDTaking the Road to Delphi and Uncovering Your Talents.

Dr. Tom Tavantzis is a licensed psychologist, founder and president of the Innovative Management Development (IMD).

Success in finding a satisfying career is directly connected to developing a career vision for oneself. The foundation of any career vision is first understanding what your natural, hard-wired talents are. This book takes the reader through a dozen examples of people across the career life cycle as they take that first step of a systematic assessment of their abilities. The book also provides a brief self-report section, where the reader can approximate taking the Ability Assessment to begin their own journey. All eight factors (Abilities is one of the eight) that go into developing are described in an earlier book, Don’t Waste Your Talent ( Hutchinson, McDonald, Emanuel and Tavantzis, 2005, 2nd Ed.)

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