ALBA Graduate School at The American College of Greece was proud to host the European Group of Organization Studies (EGOS) academic conference, with upwards of 2,000 faculty from all over Europe between July 2-4.


The event, which took place for the first time in Greece, was hosted across the ACG campus – including the DEREE Library, Gym, and Gallery, the PIERCE Theater – in close to 80 classrooms and six amphitheaters, where faculty from close to 50 countries presented their papers and 420 sessions took place.

EGOS is a scholarly association that aims to further the theoretical and/or empirical advancement of knowledge about organizations, organizing and the contexts in which organizations operate. As a collective, one of its main aims is to maintain and provide a voice for the critical and analytical approaches of its members to the study of organization worldwide.

The Colloquium theme was: “Organizations and the Examined Life: Reason, Reflexivity and Responsibility” inspired form Socrates statement during his trial in classical Athens: “an unexamined life is not worth living.”


This statement is the arguably the most succinct advocacy of philosophy, science, and democracy.

The EGOS Colloquium, which is organized and hosted every year by top business schools around the globe, among them ESADE, HEC, and RSM Rotterdam, is considered one of the largest and most prestigious in its field.

During the 31st EGOS, friendships were formed and a vast exchange of knowledge and expertise took place. A big “Thank You” to all the Colloquiums’ sponsors and supporters.

Congratulations to all the participants!