Wednesday, June 17

This morning we went to our Greek language class and continued learning common expressions and sayings. There were several ACG peers in the classroom as well to help us out which was nice.  After that we went straight to the beach! This was probably the highlight of the day because the beach we went to was private and had its own swimming pool as well! The food was great and the place was beautiful! We then stopped to see Poseidon’s Temple for about an hour. The view was amazing and the tour guide explained its background story. We came back to the residence complex around 9pm and had pizza for dinner. Overall, very relaxing and beautiful day!

-Elena Michaelides

Another amazing day in the Greece! We started off the morning by heading over to class and learning more about the Greek language and culture. After class was over, we went to a breathtaking beach and spent a lot of time there; it was private and had extremely clear, shallow water. Everyone seemed to enjoy this part of the trip because it allowed us to bond as a group in a very calm environment. After we were finished at the beach, we went to the Temple of Poseidon and spent a long them learning about its rich history. The view was incredible and the tour guide had bountiful information to share with the group. As the day ended, the group ate pizza for dinner (surprise!) and then everyone went their separate ways for the rest of the evening.

-Jordan Eva Mavrakos

Wednesday was an incredible day!! After our language and culture classes we all couldn’t  wait to quickly jump onto the bus for Σουνιο. As soon as we arrived, we were eager to find ourselves in a hidden paradise where we could find a luxurious pool that was on the shore of the coastline. Frappes were drank, hamburgers were eaten, and it was a beautiful time! Next we went all the way to Poseidon’s Temple with the most beautiful drive that one can imagine. To the right were the majestic hills sprinkled with trees and the left one could see the vast sea teeming with boats. As we arrived we quickly were captivated by the strong columns that were so magnificent! We returned home to a nice pizza dinner! Today was a very beautiful day!!

-Gabriella Christy

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