Kalena Laurent Delphi visit

The drive up to visit the Temple of Apollo was beautiful, as we made our way through the country side and rolling hills. The view from the ruins was nothing short of breathtaking. I tried to imagine what life might have been like there; however, just like with every other archeological sight we have visited on this trip, I cannot seem to wrap my mind around the sheer amount of history I’m looking at and standing on. It’s incredible that it’s even here for us to still see. I also felt these same feelings in the museum. The statues, with so much detail and so well preserved, were some of my favorites we have seen. Today’s visit to Delphi wraps up two weeks of cultural immersion with Heritage Greece, and now with time to reflect of the journey, I cannot help but to have both sad and humbled feelings. I’m sad this life changing experience is almost over and I’ll have to leave the incredible friendships I’ve made. On the other hand, I’m extremely grateful for the generosity of the program and to have been chosen to be a part of it. I’ll be treasuring every last minute in the beautiful and country, all while figuring out when I’ll be back next.

kalena laurent

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