Ksenja Kukic, Heritage Greece!

By the end, it felt like the program lasted 2 days but at the same time 2 months and it feels as if the whole team has known each other for 2 years. I knew one of my roles was there to offer my knowledge and insight but I never knew I could also learn so much. Looking at things I used to think were mundane, as in the laiki, from the participants’ eyes was unexpectedly a completely different experience and reminded me to be grateful and always look at things with wonder, as they did. It was gratifying to see the participants trying so much to immerse themselves in Greek culture and have so much fun doing it. It was a tiring program but with lots of laughs for the duration, friends made for life, new experiences to always remember and tears at the end when it was time to say goodbye.

Ksenja Kukic

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