An Afternoon at the Yacht Club

A bitter-sweet feeling was starting to sink in between the peers and the participants on Friday morning, as it was one of the last full days of the Heritage Greece 2019 program. With so many incredible days behind us, and a couple more ahead, the value of the friendships and memories of HG 2019 started to become clear…how can we have only met 11 days ago?!

After the final Greek language class and the participants finished (and all passed) their final oral exams, a very special afternoon at the Yacht Club of Greece was waiting. The annual lunch at the Yacht Club of Greece has become one of the high points for each HG program in the past few years, as the company, scenery, food and community of the event bring the program together for one last special occasion.

Alongside the company of great friends and supporters of the Heritage Greece Program, Art Dimopoulos, Executive Director of the National Hellenic Society, spoke to the participants, peers and special attendees on behalf of the NHS and the NHS’s excitement for the continued success of the program.

The participants were honored to have also been spoke to by Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, the U.S. Ambassador to the Hellenic Republic and Ambassador Mark Allen, the Ambassador of Canada to Greece. Mr. Pyatt and Mr. Allen gave the participants inspiring words about the importance of the great relationship that both North American countries have with Greece, and how the Heritage Greece Program is a testimony to the bonds between the three nations.

Reflecting on the afternoon, ACG Peer Marina Doundoulaki said: “It was really nice spending the afternoon with the peers and the participants at the Yacht Club of Greece. I thought it was great that there were both American and Canadian Ambassadors there – they made great comments about how important the connection is between Greece and America and Canada. The afternoon was bitter sweet because we took one of our final group photos together, and we all made sure to get photos with one another to remember the trip and each other. It was a beautiful afternoon spent with the HG family.”

The wheel at the Yacht Club of Greece is always a great photo op!

With the stunning views of Athens and the sea surrounding us, the program was celebrated in all of it’s glory. “Being all together and dressed up for one last time, with the beautiful 360-degree views of Piraeus behind us, was so wonderful,” said Stephanie Rouvalis, HG 2019 participant. “Not only were all the peers and participants together, but all the important people who make HG happen and even ambassadors from the US and Canada were there to celebrate the end to an amazing trip. It was one last big family celebration where we could take photos and enjoy each other’s company.

One final group photo at the Yacht Club of Greece.

Thankful to have had another wonderful afternoon together, the peers and participants returned back to the residencies feeling full of joy and appreciation for Heritage Greece. Only one more full day to go…

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