Deree-ACG Peers

Georgiadis Clio

A combination of coming from a mixed marriage, being raised in a small Greek community outside of Greece, and going to a Greek school overseas has created a sense of longing for Greece. The decision to study in Greece was one that did not require any further thought, as I knew that this is where I needed to be. Visiting Greece every summer had only increased my love for this country and made me want to discover more and more of it and I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t get enough.

Tiligada Panagiota

Hello everyone, I am Youly! I am a 19 year old Greek American sophmore here at Deree. I am currently majoring in Information Technology and Theatre Arts. I like being involved in various aspects of student life such as clubs and I’m also a member of the Orientation Leaders. I speak Greek, English and I’ve self-taught myself Korean. I am always up for any kind of conversation and I love the summer and sunny weather because it puts me in a good mood and makes my day so much better.

Doundoulaki Marina

Hey everyone! My name is Marina Doundoulaki, I’m 21 years old and I study Communications at the American College of Greece. I also work as a Resident Assistant (RA) at the Residencies of the college. Throughout the period I work as an RA, I figured out how awesome is making new friends and discuss with them several issues, from cultural heritage to personal stories that we shared. Some of my interests are volunteerism (especially children and dogs), travelling and watching movies. I speak English, Chinese and basic German. Being one of the ACG Peers for Heritage Greece Program 2019 gives me the opportunity to meet new people and share amazing experiences with them. Can’t wait to meet you guys!!

Vovidis Alexandros

Hey! I’m Alex and I’m a second year student in Deree and my major is Communications. In my first year at Deree I started being a very active member in the student life by joining almost all the clubs that Deree has. If I hadn’t been in your club I’m sorry I will! I’m currently the president of the LGBT+ & Awarness Club which is something that I like saying because it something that makes me proud. I believe in equality for all people considering men, women, gay people, and straight people. I also have joined the orientation leaders which is also something that I’m proud of being in because it teaches me how to be a good leader in my life, work better in a team and meeting new people to help their first day go smoothly. I’m currently working in the Student Affairs Office which is for a student clubs organizations and societies. My task is to do The Scoop which is a weekly video about student events and more. In my life I always liked video and picture editing, video production and hosting for TV. One thing that fascinates me a lot is music which is why I love Eurovision Song Contest. I believe that watching it as I was growing up it made me more open-minded to cultures and languages and to people.

Patra Iris

“Geia sou” (Hello) and welcome to Greece!

My name is Iris and in Greek mythology I am the personification and goddess of the rainbow -and I like to believe that I am in real life, too. Apart from that, I am a 21 years old senior student at Deree-The American College of Greece (ACG) where I pursue a Bachelor of Science in International Business and a Minor in Business across Cultures. I am also a member of the International Honors Program (IHP) and a Parallel Student, studying History & Philosophy of Science (HPS) at the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA).

Generally, I always try to be active and find interest things to do, so I am excited and honored to be an ACG Peer during Heritage Greece 2019! So, to be brief, among my many interests is volunteerism and exploring new activities, new people, new cultures, new places. Therefore, I have traveled to more than twenty countries and speak five languages (Greek, English, and French fluently, Japanese and Spanish at a basic level). As regular hobbies, I enjoy photography, reading, walking in nature, listening to music, going to the theater, to the cinema, to museums, and to restaurants, and practicing sports like tennis and horse-riding, and yoga. I cannot wait to meet you and I hope you will have an amazing and unforgettable summer in my country!

Rabena Frank Mark

Hi! I’m Frank – I am a 20 year old Filipino, born and raised in Athens, Greece in my senior year of college at Deree. I am an Information Technology major and Leadership & Management minor; I love singing (a lot), dancing, meeting new people, and creating new experiences that will last a lifetime. I am a very extroverted person so definitely feel free to say hey and ask me all the questions that you may have regarding even the most random topic. As a Filipino-Greek, I’ll do my best to offer a view of Greece from a completely different perspective, yet still remain to be as authentically Greek as possible. Can’t wait to see you all in sunny Athens to help explore your Greek heritage!

Gkioumes Andreas – Andronikos

My name is Andreas – Andronikos Gkioumes. I’m 21 years old, and I currently study International Business at Deree The American College of Greece. In my free time, I like travelling, exercising and doing various activities in the nature like bicycle or water sports and a very special amount of my time is devoted to our four legs friends the dogs that I love. I participate in sports and training for dogs’ behavior and I am volunteering in a dogs’ hotel for dogs. I have participated in a plethora of activities at Deree so far and Heritage Greece was always one of my goals/dreams because it combines two of my passions: meeting new people and showcasing my love about Greece and our valuable culture. I am beyond excited to be a part of Heritage Greece 2019 program and teach to my greek fellows my two cents of Greece.

Christodoulou Anna

Hello, my name is Anna Christodoulou. I was born and raised in Athens. I have traveled with my parents for as long as I can remember and I have always loved it. One of my favorite destinations in Greece was island of Corfu; as my dad’s family lives there; we used to spend half of my school vacations there. We lived nearby the beach which was beautiful! The other half of the summer, we traveled to sunny California in the U.S. to visit my mom’s side of the family. It was great since my cousins are the same age as I. We had lots of things to share and learn from each other such as customs, culture, as well as perspectives and viewpoints of others. I made several good friends there. One of the reasons I choose Deree for my studies is because I love American culture. I am currently studying Marketing and Management and hope to go to study abroad next year.

Sarantopoulos Christos

My name is Christos Sarantopoulos and I am 22 years old. Since 2015, I have been an undergraduate student with a major in Linguistics in the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Simultaneously, having been awarded a Stavros Niarchos Foundation Scholarship, I have been admitted to a parallel studies program in The American College of Greece pursuing a minor in International Relations from 2018 up to present. As an alternative source of education, I have attended a series of seminars and events mostly related with politics and business. From computer literacy to English and French fluency, my expertise is combined with a keen interest in volunteerism and a natural inclination in leadership, making the man behind this text what he really is.

Venetsanou Dafni

Hello everyone!

My name is Dafni Venetsanou, I am 20 years old and my major is Psychology. I love hiking, camping and generally, being in nature. I could say also that I travel a lot as learning and experiencing different cultures, from learning their history to tasting their local cuisine, fills me with joy. In my spare time, I like to read (again about Psychology) and to learn new languages (for the time being Spanish). This is the first time I will participate in the program and I am thrilled for this new experience. I can wait to meet you all and have a great time getting to know Greece together!

Stefanidi Vasiliki

Hey everyone, I’m Vasiliki Stefanidi and I was born and raised in Crete. Now I currently live in Athens and I’m a student of the American College of Greece. My major is Graphic Design and I am also doing a minor in Communication. I love hiking and going on adventures, meeting new people and creating new amazing memories. Overall, my heart fills with joy when I’m traveling, and this is the main reason I cannot wait to meet all of you and spend beautiful time together. I will do my best and try to show all the beauty of Greece in the greatest way.

Prokopos Fotios

My name is Fotios Prokopos, I am a Junior at the American College of Greece studying Operations Management. I was born and raised in South Africa by Greek parents . I have a passion for soccer and always begin my day by listening to music. This will truly be an experience of a lifetime. Get ready to smash a couple of plates, Opa!