It is a time-tested maxim that during a crisis the place to be for any energetic and ambitious person is the university in order to grow and diversify your skills and become more competitive and useful as an active member of society. 

To help alumni of The American College of Greece (ACG) realize the benefits of further education, DEREE has launched the Alumni Career Enhancement Program (ACEP), addressed specifically to DEREE and PIERCE graduates.

This program allows alumni to pursue a minor in any specialty offered by DEREE, or even design a program that suits their individual learning and career needs in cooperation with a DEREE advisor. The ACEP program can last as little as one semester. This program is also addressed to ACG alumni interested in pursuing a graduate degree at DEREE.

Enrolling in ACEP means that you are eligible to participate in DEREE’s pioneering International Internship and Study Abroad Program, are also eligible for the on-campus Work-Study program, have full and immediate access to DEREE’s Office of Career Services, can take advantage of the alumni tuition discount, and are also eligible for the DEREE scholarships and financial aid program – with special consideration given to those who are currently out of work (during the past year, more than 80% of DEREE students who applied received some sort of financial aid). Finally, you can also use all of DEREE’s wonderful facilities (library, computer labs, gym, pool, track & field, etc) at no extra charge.

Check out the DEREE curriculum, where new programs are being added, such as Sports Management and Management Information Systems.

For more information on the Alumni Career Enhancement Program (ACEP) click here.

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