Looking for a career change or to hire the right person for your company? Go to The Official DEREE Alumni Group’s Linkedin page. for a wealth of job positions and turn to DEREE Career services for alumni.

At DEREE Career services for alumni, you can access “Going Global,” a unique service offered free of charge to all ACG students and alumni, which opens up access to a database with 80,000 pages of career and employment resources to facilitate finding jobs and internships all around the world.

You can access “Going Global” by clicking: online.goinglobal.com

Note: You must be on campus in order to create your account for the first time, but then you can remotely access the database.

You can also take an ALBA diagnostics test here to see which skills you need to brush up on or add to your CV for your preferred career.

For those companies wishing to recruit, please fill out this Company Registration Form with your job description so that we can add your job posting to The Official DEREE Alumni Group’s Linkedin page.

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