PIERCE students once again won recognition for their innovative ideas – this time at the Panhellenic Mathematical Innovation Competition, held April 2 during Athens Information Technology in Painia, in the framework of the Global Enterprise Project – Innovation Camp. Organized by Junior Achievement Greece.

PIERCE 10th grade (A lyceum) student Iro Pala with her team “Find it” and the “Searchip” product won the second innovation award, while fellow tenth grader George Felekos and his team “3Di-Art” won the third prize for best innovation.

Searchip is an innovative product based on nano gps chips, which can be stuck on personal daily items, such as keys, wallets, cell phone, so that one can locate them easily on their phone or computer.

3Di-Art is an application that offers the visually impaired the opportunity to appreciate works of art with the use of 3D technology.