Students, parents, alumni and guests joined the fun at PIERCE Open House 2014 with games, festivities, a pop concert, competitions, as well as art shows, cooking demos, and lots of singing, dancing and goodies to eat of course.

Panagiotis Petrakis took the stage alongside the PIERCE Orchestra and students from the DEREE Frances Rich School of Fine and Performing Arts to kick off the festivities with an evening of songs from movies and musicals on Friday April 11th.

A talent show followed on the second day with performances by students, and all were able to enjoy sporting and club events, as well as activities with societies.

In a show of school spirit, students raised scholarship funds for fellow students as well as funds to help the charities Children’s Villages SOS (Παιδικά Χωριά SOS), and the Special Junior School of Pendeli (Ειδικό Δημοτικό Σχολείο Πεντέλης), with which the school maintains a close long-term cooperation. Well done to the PIERCE students who continued the age-old tradition of fundraising at PIERCE!

ACG is very proud of its student activities in support of the College, which inspire its community of students, faculty, staff and friends.

The PIERCE school community and the 15-member PIERCE student councils organized PIERCE Open House 2014 with the aim of sharing with PIERCE parents, students and the community at large unique and memorable aspects of the school. Well done!