“A healthy mind in a healthy body”

PIERCE, a school with a tradition in the athletic education and training of its students, every year and in every way supports young women and men with special abilities in athletics. 
In this context, PIERCE is including new scholarships in its program for the 2014 – 2015 school year that represent 50% of tuition fees.

The scholarships apply to candidates that distinguish themselves in basketball and track & field, while the scholarships for swimming and tennis continue.
Through this program, the students who are selected will be given the opportunity to participate in a full athletic program with the guidance of top, experienced coaches in the exceptional athletic facilities of the American College of Greece, including:

  • Two (2) indoor basketball/volleyball courts
  • Indoor/outdoor olympic-size swimming pool
  • Soccer field with FIFA-Recommended 2 Star artificial turf
  • Six (6)-lane Tartan track
  • Seven (7) tennis courts
  • Outdoor basketball and volleyball courts
  • Fitness Center with state-of-the-art equipment


Candidates must:

  1. fulfill the admissions requirements for PIERCE – The American College of Greece,
  2. be judged by a College committee, which will examine their athletic abilities and potential for growth in their sport,
  3. be able to compete with the DEREE College Athletic Club
  4. take part in all team training sessions, competitions and events,
  5. maintain a high academic performance,
  6. demonstrate exemplary behavior.

Scholarships are awarded for one (1) academic year and may be renewed provided the conditions are met or discontinued earlier in case they are not.

Deadline for applications is May 20.