Congratulations to PIERCE’s Eva Parisi, a junior (B Lyceum), who won Best Delegate in the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee during the recent Model United Nations, held at Anatolia College in Thessaloniki on February 21 Р23.

Eva Parisi was also recognized as Best Delegate for the Special Committee on Millennium Goals at the previous Model United Nations (MUN) held in December in Thessaloniki.

Another six PIERCE students who took part in both events were also commended by organizers for their skills.

Each year nearly half a million students from primary to university participate in Model United Nations events held globally, which are simulations of the workings of the actual United Nations (UN) with students taking on the role of delegates to various UN committees.

All participating PIERCE students are part of the Model United Nations club at PIERCE, which has been up and running since September. Keep up the good work!