Alumni were essential to the success of students in the Marketing Topics & Strategies class, the capstone course of the Marketing Management emphasis, as they were able to work on a real life project – on Attiki Melisokomiki’s (ATTIKI BEE Culturing Co’s) new brand “Tahini & Honey.”

The students undertook their projects after Catherine Chazapi (PIERCE ‘92, DEREE ‘96), visited DEREE – The American College of Greece in February to present her family company ATTIKI BEE Culturing Co, ALEX.PITTAS SA, where she is Corporate Development Manager.

The brief for the project came about after a series of meetings between Professor of Marketing Vivi Sarantidis – who is also head of the academic marketing department – Mrs Alexandra Pitta-Chazapi, (PIERCE ’67, CEO of Attiki Bee Culturing Co, who is also a member of the American College of Greece’s Development Advisory Committee), Catherine Chazapi and Marina Chatzi – Attiki’s Product Manager for the brief.

Based on the brief and under the supervision of Dr Vivi Sarantidou, three groups of students developed a three-year marketing plan for the brand. The students presented their projects to a panel on April 8th.

ACG would like to thank all those who were involved in the project, as well as all those who participated on the panel: alumni Catherine Chazapi (PIERCE ‘92, DEREE ‘96), Konstantinos Sepetas (DEREE ‘08), Supermarket Sales and Communication Manager at Vikos SA, and Mary-Irene Triantafillou (DEREE ’89), ACG’s Executive Director of Development.

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