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Alumna Profiled: Christina Panteleimonitis – Mavrantoni
Graduated: PIERCE ’77
Lives in: Athens,Greece
Current Position: Founder – Director, ‘Ta Mylelia’ Water Mill Ltd

CHRISTINA PANTELEIMONITIS-MAVRANTONI was born in Athens in 1959 and graduated from PIERCE in 1977. Later she studied at the Department of Economics of the Thessaloniki University School of Law.  She speaks fluent English and has good knowledge of French.

A lover of the traditions of her country, she renovated a 305-year-old watermill and founded Ta Mylelia LTD, a company to promote agro-tourism and to search for old Greek culinary recipes. Since then 35,000 youths with their schools and universities have visited the mill on Lesvos island, as well as her second watermill in the Peloponnese. To finance this project, she started the production of a large variety of 100% natural products, chief among them handmade pasta kneaded with the wheat milled between millstones. Her products have won 15 prizes and are sold in 8 countries. Many of her recipes have been collected in a book by Livanis publications. She has participated as a speaker in many conferences, and has been invited to discuss subjects related to domestic economy at media outlets such as and Skai Radio. She has also made dozens of TV appearances. Her work has attracted intense international interest with journalists from the UK, the US, Israel, the Netherlands and Germany having written about the ‘Ta Mylelia’ story and products.

Christina Panteleimonitis-Mavrantoni is married and the mother of four sons.



Q.: What are three enduring lessons you learned during your studies at PIERCE?

• Collaboration

• Respect and thoughtfulness

• Νους Υγιής Εν Σωματι Υγιεί


Q.: Describe PIERCE in three words.

1) International

2) Innovative

3) Fun


Q.: What is one of your favorite PIERCE memories?

Our first Bazaar; our school was the only one to organize such an event. All others followed!


Q.: What do you miss most from your days at PIERCE?

I miss the constant exposure to new ideas.


Q.: Where was your favorite spot on campus?

The patios on sunny days.


Q.: Who was your favorite professor and why?

Mrs. Murphy – she always had something interesting to teach inside and outside the classroom.


Q.: Have you kept in touch with any of your classmates?

have kept in touch with some good friends and am always delighted to see other fellow alumni.


Q.: Did having studied at PIERCE help you during your later studies and beyond?

Yes it did, Pierce helped me organize my thoughts and communicate them effectively.


Q.: What’s the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Always try to do your best.


Q.: What (or who) inspires you?

My five men. (My husband and our four sons)


Q.: Your motto in life?

Don’t underestimate the value of proverbs. They carry the wisdom of the generations before us.