In a post entitled Ebola and the Role of C4D alumnus Paolo Mefalopulos (DEREE ’84) writes about the role of communication in helping prevent the spread of Ebola around the world.

Mr Mefalopulos, the UNICEF Representative in Uruguay, Montevideo, previously headed the Communication Program at UNICEF India, and holds a doctorate degree in communication from the University of Texas at Austin. He also earned his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from DEREE in 1984.

He has worked extensively in the field of information, education and communication for a number of international agencies such as UNESCO, FAO and the European Union. While working for FAO, Mefalopulos was part of a team that developed an innovative methodology known as PRCA; Participatory Rural Communication Appraisal, adopted by many projects around the world.

You can read his post here.

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