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Ten Lives in One (Metaixmio Publications) By Tatiana Averoff-Ioannou (DEREE ’76)

Tatiana Averoff-Ioannou, daughter of politician and author Evangelos Averoff-Tossizzas, has written a book on her late father Ten Lives in One, published by Metaixmio Publications.

Born in Athens, Greece, in 1954, Ms Averoff studied Dance in Greece and at the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in London, earning a dance teacher’s diploma in Athens in 1975 (Grigoriadou School). In parallel, she studied Philosophy and Psychology at DEREE (BA, 1976) before earning her degree in Social Psychology (MSc, 1978) from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

She worked in the private education sector as an educational psychologist (1978-1994), writing two books on cooperative learning during the same period: Teaching Children to Work Together, Thymari publications, 1983, and Cooperation in Learning, Thymari & Costeas-Geitonas School, 1990.

Since 1995, she directs the Averoff Gallery in Metsovo, part of the Evangelos Averoff-Tossizza Foundation, a public service institution she has presided over as chairwoman since its founding in 1988.

She has also written four novels: The Clearing (Τo Xefoto) (2000), Αugust (Avgoustos) (2002), Intersections (Anihti Grammi) (2005), and Thrasos (Thrasos) (2009), and has also translated literary works, while texts of hers have been published in collective volumes and literary supplements in newspapers and magazines.

Between 2007 and 2009, she taught the Novel in the Greek Book Centre’s creative writing workshops and won the Greek Christian Literature Society Fiction Award in 2001 for her novel The Clearing, which was also short-listed for Diavazo magazine”s First Novel award in 2001. The same publication went on to short-list her novel August for its Fiction Award two years later in 2003.

Since 1991, she has been the vice-president of the Board of Directors of the Baron Michael Tossizza Foundation.

Also in Metsovo, she is involved in the wine-making activities of Katogi & Strofilia SA, and in the running of the Katogi Winery Hotel.

She is married to Sotiris Ioannou and has one son, Alexandros Ioannou, also a graduate of DEREE (2011 – BS Management).

Ten Lives in One’s launch in November was well attended, including by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and his wife Georgia Samara (PIERCE ‘83).



My Child, Diabetes and I, ( By Despina Margiori (DEREE ’89)

Despina Margiori’s personal story as a parent whose child is diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, is a moving account and provides information and resources to parents, friends as well as professionals dealing with similar situations.

Ms Margiori was born and raised in Athens, Greece. She earned her BA in Sociology from DEREE-The American College of Greece and studied Industrial Relations at Warwick University in the UK.

Ms Margiori worked in various companies in Greece and in a tourism information center in England, before following her dream and studying psychology a TU Berlin University and Justus Liebig Universität, in Giessen, Germany.

She loves to travel and believes in volunteering, having volunteered during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.

Despina Margiori has two children, two pets, and loves to play tennis. She lives and works in Germany as a child psychologist.

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