PROMAHONES – a sculptural installation by alumna Venia Dimitrakopoulou (PIERCE ‘83) is on until February 8 at the Benaki Museum at the Atrium of the Pireos Street Annex. It is an installation of a monumental scale made of steel. The work refers to a hypothetical state of siege, to the stage of being on guard, on the ramparts, in the resistance.

In December, a publication on Dimitrakopoulou’s work by Hatje Cantz will also be presented at the Benaki Museum. In this publication, the introduction is by Christos Joachimides and the texts by: Sebastain Preuss, Michalis Z. Kopidakis, Dionissis Kavathas, Christoforos Marinos and Charis Kanellopoulou. Book design by Michalis Paparounis.

Lighting: Fillipos Koutsaftis

Sound-Composition: Pablo Ortiz (the composer will be in Athens for the opening)

Exhibition Curator- coordinator: Eleni Koukou

Visiting hours: Thursday, Sunday: 10.00-18.00, Friday, Saturday: 10.00-22.00,

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: Closed.

Admission is free.

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