Congratulations to PIERCE Students from the B’ Lyceum and members of the Junior Achievement Team, Dimitra Vergou and Zakinos Taraboulous who won first place at the Crazy Business Ideas competition with their innovative idea m-Health Kit.

The Pan-Hellenic entrepreneurship and innovation competition “Crazy Business Ideas” was hosted at IST College, and was backed by the Ministry of Education.

PIERCE students won out over 116 students from all ages and educational levels, and were awarded €5,000 from IST as startup capital in order to turn their innovative idea into a real startup called m-Health. They also received €4,000 form the General Secretariat of Research and Technology, as well as legal, technical and other advice and support from Elinisi LAB, of SEV, the Hellenic Federation of Greek Enterprises.

The “m-Health Kit” centers around an m-Health Bracelet, which measures vital signs, and offers valuable services through combining with a m-Health App, a smartphone app, and can save lives. For more information, click here.