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The Equalizers (Oi Exisoropistes) By Costas Pavlou (DEREE ’02), published by Protypes Ekdoseis Pigi

Costas Pavlou, who hails from Giannena in Greece, has written his first novel The Equalizers in Greek. He studied Economics at DEREE, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2002. The fictional account deals with a bank heist in the upmarket district of Kolonaki in central Athens.

Mr Pavlou works in the private sector, is married and has a daughter.



Haris Will Fly (O Xarhs Tha Petaxei) by Thalia Vayaki (PIERCE ‘86), published by Fylatos Publishing

Alumna Thalia Petroula Vayaki has written a novel for children, Haris Will Fly, about a quiet, steady man, who wakes up to find that he can fly.

Ms Vayaki, who wrote the e-book (also in hard copy) in Greek, was born and raised in Athens, and attended PIERCE, where she graduated from in 1986. She studied Economics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and got her MBA from the University of Kent.

Her career has spanned different positions in the corporate world, but she always wanted to put pen to paper to share all the colorful stories she would conjure up all the while.