PIERCE – The American College of Greece’s Founders’ Day was celebrated November 13-15 in Istanbul, Turkey, and was widely attended by students from PIERCE and five other schools from four different countries who share common values and history.

The participating schools were the American Collegiate Institute (Smyrna, Turkey), the International College of Beirut (Beirut, Lebanon), Tarsus American College (Tarsus, Turkey), The American College of Sofia (Sofia, Bulgaria) and SEV American College (Istanbul, Turkey).

Students enjoyed warm hospitality and a series of events and activities, such as a basketball tournament, a cruise on the Bosporus, and a Founders’ Day logo design project. The logo was in great part designed by PIERCE senior Eleana Strouthou!

The commemorative event aims at paying tribute to the founders of the College and aims at bringing together students from different cultures, making long-term friends and enriching their cultural awareness.