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For the little humans of our lives…(ESPI Publishing Ltd 2013 in Greek)
by Mandy Persidi (DEREE ’04)

Mandy Persidi (DEREE ’04), a nutritionist, has written her first book on children’s nutrition, with the title For the little humans of our lives…

For the last two years, Ms Persidi has been working freelance, providing nutrition support to adults and children.

The book is a nutritional guide for children between 2-12 years old. It is divided into two parts. Part a is in printed form, whereas part b is in digital form. Part b compliments part a, providing extra information, the right food combinations for all meals and snacks, nutrition and feeding tips, as well as cooking recipes.

The book is a handy, easy-to-use guide, which parents and caregivers can have in the kitchen and go back to for recipes, food combinations, and school snacks.

Ms Persidi received her BA in Linguistics in 2004 from DEREE and worked as an English Language teacher for six years. Her love for nutrition and dietetics urged her to study Nutrition Science in 2006. Since receiving her degree, she has been working as a dietitian. She has cooperated with hospitals and pharmaceutical companies in Athens.

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