Congratulations to PIERCE swimming scholar Xanthi Mitsakou (also part of the DEREE Swimming Academy) for winning gold at the Panhellenic School Tournament, held at the Nea Smyrni Swimming Pool in Athens on April 29-30.

Mitsakou won gold in the 200m butterfly with a time of 2’21’’66. ACG students boasted some other successes in the same tournament, with Kalipso Oikonomidou and Anastasia Bahtalia winning 6th and 8th place respectively.

Congratulations to all the swimmers at the International Swim Meet “LEFKOS PIRGOS”, held in Thessaloniki May 9-10, where ACG’s young swimmers won 7 medals – 3 silver and 4 bronze!

The team is now preparing for the Panhellenic Championships, which will be held in July.

Mitsakou, who also swims in the Greek National Junior Team, also won silver (100m) and bronze (200m), as well as fourth place for Greece in the 50m butterfly race at the Junior Balkan Swimming Games held in Romania 25-26 April.

The award-winning swimmer also won the silver in the 4×100 freestyle and the bronze in the 200m butterfly at the Multination 2015 games held in Israel on March 28-29.

Keep up the great work!