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The Anger of Islam and the Jihad fanatics
by Andreas Andrianopoulos

2015, Published by the DEREE Graduate School of Arts & Sciences & Epikentro

Mr. Andreas Andrianopoulos explores which elements lead to religious fanaticism in his new book The Anger of Islam and the Jihad fanatics

Andreas Andrianopoulos, a former MP and minister with New Democracy, is the Director of The American College of Greece’s Institute of Diplomacy & Global Affairs, and has extensively researched the many facets of radical Islam – historical, religious, geo-strategic and political – as well as its followers who, inspired by hate speech and sermons, pose a threat to the west.

The author notes that extremists’ voices drown out the more moderate voices, and also examines possible solutions to the problem – including boots on the ground.

Mr Andrianopoulos’ book has received wide critical acclaim.