Dr. John D. Mullins

ALBA is happy and honored to host three outstanding visiting professors this summer. During the weekend of June 6-7, Dr. Michael Jacobides taught the course “Capabilities-Based Strategy in the ALBA Executive MBA Program.

Dr. Jacobides holds the Sir Donald Gordon Chair for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the London Business School, where he is also an associate professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship. The Strategy course focused on understanding the competitive context and its challenges, and on understanding the firm and the dynamics of its resources.

The ALBA Executive MBA Program was also honored to have Dr. Gabriel Hawawiniteach the Finance part of the course “Accounting & Finance” the days of June 20-21.  Dr. Hawawini is a professor of Finance and a former dean of INSEAD (2000-2006). He was also the vice president of the French Finance Association (1984-1986), a member of the editorial board of several academic journals, and the author of twelve books and over seventy research papers.

ALBA was also happy and honored to have Dr. John D. Mullins, Professor at London Business School, teach the course “Entrepreneurial Flexibility” at the MSc in Entrepreneurship program the weekend of June 6-7.

A former entrepreneur and now an award-winning professor at the London Business School, John Mullins is the author of three best-selling books, as well as dozens of case studies of real-world entrepreneurial companies and more than 40 other publications

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