Alexandros Kefalas


Alexandros Kefalas (DEREE‘06) was born in down town Athens in the area of Exarchia in 1977.

He graduated from the American College of Greece with a degree in History of Art in 2006.

Alexandros has worked as a curator in several art galleries in Athens, and has also taught history of art.

He appeared in the Greek literary world in 2007 when he published his first book The English Lady.

He has written historical & contemporary novels, short stories and poetry.

Today, Alexandros “the littérateur” as he prefers to be called writes occasionally in the newspaper The Citizen and he is responsible for the literary evaluation of Lemvos Publications.

Alexandros has published eight books:

The English Lady (2007)

Dangerous Connections (2011)

“Holy Passion” in (2013)

“Sweet Quince” (2013)

“Apolis” (2013)

“Night passer” (2014)

“A look at the world of Honore De Balzac” (2015)

“A look at Jane Austen’s world” (2015)

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