Why Support ACG

David G. Horner, PhD
President of The American College of Greece
A core mission of The American College of Greece is to contribute to the advancement of Greece and the global community through teaching, scholarship, outreach and service rooted in the American educational tradition. The achievement of this mission is not possible without the support of alumni and friends of the College who join us in the belief that high achieving students should have the opportunity to attain a quality education in Greece. Through both difficult and good times over the past 140 years, ACG has not only survived but prospered and expanded the educational opportunities available to students. I hope you will contribute to this endeavor and consider how you might support the students of today and tomorrow.

Your gift will be a much appreciated example of others to follow.


Ann W. Caldwell
Chair Advancement Committee
Philanthropy – both the word and the meaning – comes from Greece but is deeply embedded in American society.  We have only to witness the outpouring of donations, large and small, that Americans make when disaster strikes, either at home or abroad. The American College of Greece was founded by American missionaries and philanthropists who believed they could make a difference in the lives of young Greeks.Today, in a complex modern world our founders could not have imagined, ACG depends on the financial support from our alumni and friends. It continues as a place where each of us can make a difference through our philanthropy.

I hope you will join me in making a contribution to the American College of Greece.

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