The First Deree Open Fest

Our first Open Fest was held on June 9 – 11, and was open to the entire city of Athens! Deree opened its doors to over 2,000 visitors who enjoyed the multi-themed event, featuring Friday’s 60s prom party organized by six d.o.g.s., and two full days on Saturday and Sunday with tons of different activities. From the Meet Market and a tech fair with the hottest names and the latest trends in technology and innovation, to cooking demos by well-known chefs, athletic and wellness sessions, escape rooms, live music, street food, and more! The Open Fest also had an alumni homecoming feel, with an extensive yearbook photo exhibition, as well as alumni basketball and volleyball games.

A big thank you to our supporters and participants for their contribution, and to our alumni and guests who joined us on campus making our first Deree Open Festival a wonderful experience!


Check out some photos below:
Deree Open Fest 2017