Memory Lane

Pierce Classes of 1947-1957-1967 Reunion

On November 16 2017, three classes met, representing three different generations. But they had two things in common; their school and the values that the school distilled in them, as demonstrated by the school’s motto “Non ministrari, sed ministrare”.

Through hardships they persevered and remained friends for many years, despite taking different paths in life. The Pierce Theatre lobby was filled with laughter as they reminisced about the past.

The alumnae were warmly greeted by Ms. Maria Laina, Executive Director of Development and Alumni Relations, Dr. Dimitrios Andreou, Vice President of Enrollment and Administration, and the new Pierce Principal, Mr. Eric Trujillo. Then, the alumnae took the stage to welcome their classmates; Ms. Aliki Mitsakou (P’67) and Ms. Magda Karabetsou-Riga, (Pierce Upper, 1967).

Ms. Sophia Zarabouca (P’57) provided valuable help in organizing the auction and the lottery conducted during the Reunion, the proceeds of which will support the Pierce Scholarship Fund. “For me the school was very important” she told us. “I constantly refer to [the school], even though I might be hard on it”, she said laughingly.” I criticize it, but I spent many important years here, and, truth be told, my whole life was based on this all-encompassing net [it created].”

“I am an educator”, Ms. Lilian Agapilidou (P’67) told us, “so I have always been around schools. But to come back to your school from your teenage years, is something unique.”

For Ms. Magda Karabetsou-Riga, (Pierce Upper, 1967), “it was very touching to go up on stage where I received my diploma, after so many years – half a century! It was very nice. I love this school. It was source of constant talk in my house because my mother and aunt loved it and constantly brought it up.”

Pierce Classes of 1947 - 1957 - 1967 Reunion