Pierce Christmas Bazaar

The calming sight of Christmas lights.
The soothing sound of children’s laughter.
The welcoming smell of delicious food.

This is what one met once one set foot at the Pierce Christmas Bazaar; the much awaited, annual celebration that reminded them and all of us what Christmas spirit is really about; the spirit of giving back.

This year’s Christmas Bazaar entitled “Επειδή Αγαπάμε” (Because we Care), took place on December 15, 2017. Pierce students, staff, parents and alumni, all helped sell food, drinks and handmade crafts, the proceeds of which all went towards the Pierce Scholarship Fund.

There was ample Christmas-themed food and drinks too, from Greece and abroad, specifically the countries of which languages are taught at Pierce. Organized and run by the English and second foreign language academic departments – supported by Deipnosofistirion – they warmed the hearts and brought smiles to all who passed by the Xmas booths.

But the festivities did not stop there. As everyone gathered into the Pierce Theatre, a splendid stage became home to the theatrical play, “Christmas Stranger” by Stephanos Dafnis, organized by Pierce Professors Giannos Tsatalis, Georgina Konsta and Maria Saliari, backed by Pierce’s student orchestra and choir, conducted by Orestis Chatzinakis and Dora Panagopoulou, respectively. Louiza Stathopoulou created the animations, while Zacharo Laios and alumna Sofia Pagkalidou designed the costumes.

Everyone rejoiced with Christmas carols, concluding with raffles of amazing prizes and the Christmas party, accompanied by festive music choices by Pepper 96.6 DJ, Liana Mastathi.

With more than 2,000 attendees, the Bazaar was a sight to behold. The Office of Development and Alumni Relations team was at the entrance with its booth, welcoming the more than 300 alumni that attended and encouraging them to join the raffle.

The Christmas Bazaar though, was a chance for everyone to give back. Of special note were the 59 companies whose contributions made the Christmas raffle possible.

Christmas is a special time of year; a time when everyone remembers what is important.

We would like to warmly thank the Pierce Parents’ Association and all the companies who supported the 2017 Pierce Christmas Bazaar!

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