Fall welcome highlights – Enrollments on the rise

Autumn can mean a lot of different things; for adults, it is a time signifying the end of summer vacations. For students, it signifies a fresh new start.

For Pierce, it was the largest enrollment in the history of the school. A total of 1,423 students are enrolled, while demand for the new IB program was quite strong. “We were very encouraged by the demand we experienced in our relatively new IB program”, said Dr. Dimitrios Andreou, Vice President of Enrollment and Administration.

As for Deree, it welcomed 882 new students, one of the largest enrollments in recent years. Of that number, 24% of new students are International and Study Abroad. 244 are also high-achieving students at Greek public institutions, electing to study in parallel at Deree. We are very encouraged with the increased interest of this segment of students, which shows remarkable growth in recent years.