Conrad Slone Benaki Museum Visit

I went into the day with an open mind ready to experience a more artistic side of the Greek culture The collection of art at the Benaki museum was bar none the most impressive I’ve seen to date and the staff was outstanding. After an amazing rooftop diner the concert was the perfect way to cap the night. Before the music even started I was entrigued by the people alone. It was the most candid experience of the trip as we where able to see thousands of people have a good time and take in live music at the incredible Olympic venue.

Dakota Muench Host Family Evening

Today, a few ACG peers took us to a modern, Greek home for a dinner party. We enjoyed a classic meal specially prepared by the peers’ grandparents while imbibing piping hot red wine with honey and cinnamon. Afterwards, we participated in Greek dancing steps and watched the sunset on the balcony. ‘Ητανε πολύ ωραία.