Nikos Sarafidis (DEREE ’12) and his brother Konstantinos Sarafidis are innovating the way Athenians and tourists move about Athens through scooterise, a company that rents out electric tricycles as well as other high-end, high-tech transportation means.

“We thought at first to showcase a new service based on sustainable transportation, using new vehicles, new gadgets and new technologies,” says Nikos Sarafidis, COO and Marketing Director at scooterise, adding “we thought about how we could leverage tourism and Greece’s potential.” The company, founded in April, offers their products for retail, rental or events, and also offers guided tours on Trikke electric tricycles through the capital’s historic downtown district.

“DEREE has helped me develop analytical thinking and macroeconomic skills as a student graduating in Economics. Understanding the economy as a whole helped me to think about how the business world operates on a global scale,” says Nikos Sarafidis, noting how at DEREE he also developed the “ability to listen to others – which helps me a lot now as an entrepreneur.┬áIn addition, interaction with students, professors and coaches – both in class, but also as an athlete in the soccer field – generally helped me develop socially as a person and learn to cooperate, to be a team player.”

Scooterise plans to expand to the Greek isles, and other Mediterranean countries.

Nikos Sarafidis on a Trikke tour of Athens

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