Congratulations to Konstantinos Kyranakis (MA in Communication, 2013, DEREE Graduate School of Arts & Sciences), who was elected president of the Youth of the European People’s Party (YEPP), the largest alliance of young politicians in Europe with 1.6 million members.

He is the youngest president in the history of the organization and has led numerous pan-European campaigns for job creation, small business and anti-bureaucracy initiatives. Upon his election in May, Kyranakis said that the “the priorities for YEPP in the next two years are very clear: The centre-right is under pressure in a lot of European countries. It is our responsibility to lead the EU election campaign among the youth of Europe and do our best to win the battle against populism.”Kyranakis @ PODIUM

Konstantinos Kyranakis (DEREE ’13), the youngest ever president of the Youth of the European People’s Party

Kyranakis was born in Luxembourg, raised in Athens and Brussels – where he earned a European Baccalaureate. He got his degree in Law at the University of Athens and his Masters in Strategic Communication and PR at DEREE – The American College of Greece in 2013.

He currently works in Digital Communication and Political Campaigning, and enjoys dj-ing on radio as well as blogging. Kyranakis has also worked as an advisor and speech writer to the Greek Minister of Interior, and as a researcher in New Democracy’s Political Planning Department. He has also served as the International Secretary of ONNED, New Democracy’s youth organization (June 2010 to September 2012), and managed five National University Election campaigns since 2008. He is also a member of the LEAP team of campaign managers at the International Republican Institute and alumnus (former 1st vice president) of the Democrat Youth Community of Europe.

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