ACG President Dr. David G. Horner spoke to Sunday paper To Vima, on September 28th about the College’s pioneering efforts to help students find work after graduation, cover tuition costs, while he also reflected on ACG’s acclaimed and active alumni community, among other topics.

How is ACG’s American-modeled education relevant to those hoping to work and live in Greece?

A core commitment of The American College of Greece – our mission – is to contribute to Greece and to the global community through teaching, scholarship, outreach, and service rooted in the American educational system.

We are also deeply inspired by Greece’s rich intellectual and cultural heritage, and offer a transformative academic program with a fantastic, state-of-the-art campus to boot, delivering the “whole student experience,” if you will.

We at ACG are also proud that over two thirds of our undergraduate students – 70 per cent – have found work within six months after graduating, even during this crisis (another 11 per cent go straight to graduate school). Our many alumni who excel both in Greece and abroad – some of whom we honored at the Alumni Achievement Awards earlier this month – are a testament to our dedication to our mission.

What kind of work are your students finding today upon graduation?

We have identified a plethora of fields globally where our 37,000 plus alumni (PIERCE, DEREE, and ALBA) are active: finance is the leading employer, followed by education, the hospitality industry, telecoms and IT, to name but a few.

Can a student study at DEREE in tandem with a Greek university?

Yes, DEREE offers a Parallel Studies Program for those studying at Greek public universities, offering flexible hours and credits for many courses taken at the other institution.

A DEREE student can also gain credits by studying abroad for a semester at one of our partner universities – for example, at Cornel University for Hospitality Management – followed by a five-month internship at one of several leading multinational companies DEREE has partnered with in its innovative International Internship & Study Abroad Program.

Have tuition costs fallen to reflect Greece’s economic malaise?

During this time of economic crisis, we have increased financial aid, making an ACG education more affordable to more people. Over $6 million in merit-and-need-based scholarships and grants will be used this academic year to help PIERCE, DEREE & ALBA students with tuition. I am happy to say that a fifth of our students are benefiting from this.