Add Content

In Blackboard Learn you can upload files, add text, images and web links in various communication tools (blogs, wikis, assignments, journals, e.t.c.) by using the content editor (VTBE). The VTBE – Virtual Text Box Editor contains various tools for text formatting, adding hyperlinks, tables and attaching various types of files such as images. 

How to use the Virtual Text Box Editor.

The VTBE is used for assignments and emails/messages between users.

First, the user has to fill in the Subject (It is mandatory). Second, you write in the white box the message you want to sent or the text of your assignment. Moreover, if you want to see more features just click on the “…” button to expand the tools. 

In case you want to attach files there are three methods:

  1. Browse My Computer
  2. Cloud storage integration 
  3. Drag and drop files

Also by clicking the “…” feature you will see the ” Add Content” button, which is another way to insert files, images , Youtube videos, Flickr and others.   

View the video below to explore the content editor.