Perlego is an online library of books, academic texts, and tools that make education accessible to all. It provides an affordable eTextbooks solution for students, learners, and instructors, by partnering with publishers and institutions, such as universities and companies. It has many online books and topics that enhance the learning journey.

You can access the Perlego eTextbook(s) via a Blackboard Learn course.

  • Visit the course and the eTextbook menu item or any other area the instructor has specified.
  • Locate the link to the eTextbook and click it.
  • The first time you use Perlego, you will need to register with your email as the username and create a user account. There will be no need to repeat this step in the future.

Do not register with a with different email addresses, or you will be asked to pay. During the first week of classes, all registered students receive an email from Perlego to register for a Perlego user account using their @acg. edu email account.

If by any chance you cannot register or Perlego asks for a free trial or payment, please make sure that:

  1. You have cleared the web browser cache
  2. You have refreshed the browser
  3. You have registered via the QR code provided in the picture below or the link sent to your email using the email as the username.