Bookshelf by VitalSource

Bookshelf by VitalSource is an online text delivery system for higher education that collaborates with companies, universities, publishers and resellers, providing digital course materials to users. It is an e-textbook system that enhances learning through digital content and you can use it exactly like you use a hardcopy book (highlight, annotate etc.). You are able to access it via Blackboard Learn wherever you are located.

VitalSource Bookshelf offers you:

  • Instant access to your eTextbooks for online and offline use
  • Access via multiple devices that are able to synchronize
  • “Read Aloud” option so as to listen as Bookshelf reads to you
  • Flash Cards and Review Mode so as to review the material
  • Notes and Highlights so as to color and keep notes
  • Global Search for searching content in an eBook or in your library
  • Wikipedia Lookup for looking up unfamiliar words with Define and Wikipedia Search

To access VitalSource visit the website and activate your VitalSource Bookshelf user account.